What is the 11 Plus ?

The 11 Plus or 11+ is an exam taken by students usually in their final year of primary school (Year 6). It is usually set by Grammar schools who  use it to select students for admissions in Year 7.

What does the 11 Plus involve?

The 11 Plus exams usually involve the following tests which are sat by students who attend an exam session at the Grammar school they are applying for:

Verbal Reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning

11+ English

11+ Maths

Creative Writing and Spelling for some schools

Where can I find out more about the 11 Plus ?

Our branch managers will be able to answer most of your questions regarding 11 plus tuition. However, if you want to find out more ask you can also ask your child’s current school, your Local Education Authority, the Grammar or Independent Schools whose selective tests your child will be sitting, and there are many resources online sources of information too.

What teaching methods do you use to prepare students for the 11 Plus ?

We offer focused 11 plus tuition in order to prepare children for sitting the Grammar School entry exams. We prefer to keep to small class sizes, especially for verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning lessons as often children will not have experience of this style of question before. This also allows our teachers to pay close attention to each pupil’s needs and address their strengths and weaknesses as they progress through the preparation material. It also allows the students increased exposure to the 11 plus course material and resources.

The Axis 11 Plus teaching model is as follows:

Asses current ability

Master the subject

Enhance core skills

Boost exam performance

Along with face to face teaching, we employ a range of tests to help get students exam ready and boost exam performance, these are supplemented by online learning tools that we offer to all our 11 Plus students. Some of our centres also arrange 11 Plus booster sessions over holiday periods. Please just contact us if you would like more details on when the next one will be.

Success Stories

Here are just a few students (and the schools that they got in to) that we have helped with our 11 Plus programme in earlier years:

Rehab M. (North London Grammar School)

Sara H. (North London Grammar School)

Soe Y. (The Latymer School)

Benjamin T. (The Latymer School)

Sean L. (The Latymer School)

Emily L. (Henrietta Barnett School)

Ayesha M. (Chigwell School)

Berkay K. (St. Aloysius College)

Michael B. (Hymers College)

Ilayda I. (Hymers College)

Samara (St Michaels Grammar School)

2018 Results

Joanna (St Michaels Grammar School)

“Hi, Joanna (my daughter) got through to St Michael’s school. Thank you for all your help.”

Jialin Katie (The Latymer School)

“Hi, Katie got a place in Latymer and she is very happy. We thank you very much for the help and hard work, couldn’t have done this without Axis. Thanks, Weiping (Katie’s mum)”

Henry (Ilford County and Latymer) He has chosen Ilford County.

Jenny (Woodford County) However she didn’t go to Woodford County due to personal circumstances.

Sujaya (Woodford County)

Oscar (The Latymer School)

Jain (North London Grammar School) However she didn’t go to this school due to personal circumstances.

Note: Although some of our hardworking and successful students scored really high they couldn’t get in due to cut off mark which are sometimes only a few points away 🙁

We are currently contacting parents to learn about this year’s results so more students will be added as soon as we reach them!

North London 11 Plus – Important Dates – Last Updated on 25 May, 2018


South London 11 Plus – Important Dates

Grammar Schools Table-Welling11 Plus Booster Sessions

Some of our centres also arrange special 11 Plus booster sessions over holiday periods. These courses allow for intensive exam practice and tuition over a number of days, in order to help get students exam ready. to Please just contact us if you would like more details on when the next one will be.