We have 16 centres across the UK and each of them has different opening hours. Please visit Centres page to find out about courses and times.


Axis Tuition Centres have branches across the UK. Find your nearest centre by using our “Branch Finder” tool at the top menu. 

Axis Curriculum

All pupils have the chance to succeed, whatever their individual needs and the potential barriers to their learning may be. With this overarching aim in mind, our Maths classes are professionally designed by highly experienced teachers so as to help your child meet his or her full potential. Our unique curriculum is designed to give our fully qualified teachers the flexibility to suit the learning needs of each pupil.To find out more, go to the Curriculum page.

Initial Assessment

All our pupils sit the Suffolk Reading Scale and the Progress in Maths tests when they first register with us. This lets us know where their strong and weak areas of learning are and also makes sure we can show pupils and parents specific areas of improvement.

Free Trial Offer

We know that coming to Axis Tuition Centres is a big investment for parents so we want you to be sure that our programme is right for your children. For this reason, we offer a free one week trial so that parents and pupils can get to know the school, teachers, and Axis environment.

If after one week, you don’t think that Axis will be right for your child, you will not be charged for the first week. If, on the other hand, you decide to sign up for the full term, the first week will be included in the total cost. Click here to request a Free Trial.