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Axis tuıtıon centre

Founded in 1994, the Axis Educational Trust is a registered charity which aims to provide high quality and low cost education to primary and secondary school pupils in the UK via our Tuition Centres. Across all our educational programmes, from Key Stage One all the way up to GCSE level, our focus is on literacy and numeracy, the bedrock subjects in every learner’s education.

By supporting our pupils in these subjects we improve school performance and results across the board. More importantly, highly developed literacy and numeracy skills also broaden life skills, expand learning horizons, and encourage social cohesion.

Through our Saturday Schools, Tuition Centres and our work with mainstream primary and secondary schools, we help over 1000 pupils achieve their potential by giving them the skills to shine.

11 + Grammar School Preparation

Prepare your child for the 11 + exam with our experienced and professional teachers.

✓ Verbal Reasoning
✓ Non-verbal Reasoning
✓ 11+ English
✓ 11+ Maths

Online Learning Tools

To maximize the impact of our programmes on your child, we give them unlimited access to acceridated online learning tools.

✓ Unlimited access to LiteracyPlanet.com for literacy practice
✓ Unlimited access to IXL.com for Maths practice
✓ Unlimited access to Bofa11plus.com for 11 plus practice
✓ Weekly progress reports
✓ Montly rewards

Professional Assessment for Learning

We use acceridated testing systems to gauge your child's particular subject and gear our teachıng towards improving the weakest area of learning.

✓ Suffolk Reading Scale test for your chıld's rading age
✓ Progress in Maths test for your child' numeracy level
✓ Weekly Report Cards
✓ Weekly Homework
✓ Termly parents evenings

Teaching Excellence

All our teachers are fully qualified and have a track record of delivering lessons and getting the best out of pupils.

Professional Service

We have been providing high-quality, low cost supplementary education that help children just starting out on their educational journey right up to pupils preparing to sit their GCSEs.

Systematic & Structured

It’s very difficult for us to give you one reason to choose Axis. Quite simply, we are passionate about our literacy and numeracy programmes as our Gold Award from ContinYou shows.


Class Teacher

Location: All center Weekly hours: 3 hours Times: Variable such as 10:00 – 13:00 or 13:30 – 16:30 Saturdays   17.00 – 19.00/20.00 Weekday evenings Wage:

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Maths Teacher for all Key stages

Location: All centres Weekly Hours: 3 (or more) Times: Variable such as 10:00 – 13:00 or 13:30 – 16:30 Saturdays   17.00 – 19.00/20.00 Weekday evenings Wage: £25

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