Young Authors Competition

Axis Saturday Schools are inviting all Key Stage 2 and 3 children (Year 3 to Year 9) to enter this exciting competition and we are looking for LOTS and LOTS of imagination!

The challenge is to create your own short story using no more than 500 words (no minimum).  The story must have a theme which can be happy, funny, silly, spooky or whatever spin your imagination takes.  Entries must be in by Saturday 2nd February 2013 and there will be a winner from each class.

The prize for the winner of each Key Stage group is £10.

There will be a minimum of 2 winners among Key Stage 2 (Yr3 to Yr6) and 1 winner among Key Stage 3 students (Yr7 to Yr9).


  • Each student is expected to develop an original fiction idea into a story.
  • Length – up to a maximum of 500 words.
  • Stories should have correct spelling, punctuation and structure. Any included ‘conversation’ should be properly punctuated. Writers may seek assistance with editing, proof reading, word processing and publishing electronically.
  • Your story should be an original piece of work – no ‘plagiarising’ of others.
  • A rough draft should be submitted to your teacher prior to final copy publishing.
  • All entries are to be in Word format, Arial font, size 14, a heading no larger than size 20.
  • The writer’s name and grade should appear top right hand corner of first page.
  • No entries will be received after the due date. The judge’s decision is final with no correspondence entered into.

Things to consider

  • What type of stories do you enjoy writing (e.g.) adventure, horror, romance, science fiction, etc? What sort of things do you like to write about? Remember though, you are writing for someone else.
  • Write simply and clearly – don’t over complicate it.
  • Final drafts will be entered onto the Axis Saturday Schools website by the set date. Awards will be presented to winning entries in different categories at our final assembly of the year. Winning stories will be placed on the Axis Saturday Schools website and will be the property of the school.
  • This is a component of your English Writing Program for this term so please approach it with commitment and determination to do your best work.