English and Maths Curriculum

English and Maths curriculum at Axis Saturday Schools is tailored to provide your child with the necessary support to improve his/her literacy and numeracy skills.


Our literacy programme has always understood the link between achievement in literacy at primary school level and academic and personal achievement in later life.A child with high literacy skills is far more likely to succeed academically and to achieve personal goals.Inversely, there is a direct correlation between poor grades at KS1 and KS2, and low results at GCSE.
By discovering all we can about a child’s literacy skills from his or her first lesson – discovering weaknesses and strengths – we focus our teaching where it will be most beneficial.

At the same time, by teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening as discrete categories, we encourage the development of all round literacy skills.

During our literacy lessons, our pupils engage in reading, writing, and speaking through our ‘Read and Respond’ series, which has lessons based on best-loved children’s books.

Our teacher’s use the Read and Respond Resource Packs which make an in-depth analysis of each book to get the whole class thinking about the story and expressing their thoughts aloud and in writing.

Literacy Lessons

  •  Shared Reading

The whole class take it in turns to read extracts of the book.

  •  Group Discussion

Pupils discuss feelings and ideas around the book.

  • Get Writing

The pupils do activities that help to structure their ideas about the book.

Each learning session ends with assessment activities to check that pupils are learning and to highlight areas which need development.


Numeracy is incredibly important in a rounded education, promoting thinking skills and the tools for lifelong learning.Our numeracy programme cannot cover every aspect of the numeracy curriculum; however, we aim to make maths work engaging and interesting through activities, games, and number puzzles.Getting the basics right in numeracy early on makes it immeasurably easier for pupils to achieve good results in secondary school, and use these skills in later life.

Our Numeracy lessons are designed to help pupils meet the attainment targets set out in the National Curriculum as follows:

Our Literacy lessons
are designed to help pupils meet the attainment targets set out in the National Curriculum as follows: